I have recently been very impressed with the Victron equipment I have been installing, and I have become a dealer this year.

They have a terrific range of battery inverters, solar and battery chargers. Able to make single and 3 phase systems, off grid & on grid hybrid systems. From small to large systems where inverters can be stacked as required.

Being so flexible in sizing, and highly programmable as required. Features like 2 AC power outputs make charging an electric or hybrid electric car direct from solar panels very easy. Its this capability that excites me the most. I cant wait for the day when I can drive to the shops powered from my off grid solar system. The same load circuit could also be used to dump excess power into hot water storage when your batteries are full.

With Victron’s range of Blue Solar MPPt solar regulators, they have a size for all systems. From a tiny one in my work van that I use to recharge power tools when working away, to multiples of 100Amp one for the larger systems. Multiple chargers are also good for panels that are facing differeing directions. ie East and West facing panels would have their own MPPT chargers.