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One of the most significant benefits of our service is our ability to offer you consistent project mangement. The person that designs your energy system, also oversees installation, with the added bonus of being accessible to you for any ongoing maintaince enquires you may have for the life of your system. Business owner Jerry Robinson will personally oversees your end to end service. Jerry is aware that people who are new to solar and battery storage, there can be a lot of complex technical information and jargon to get your head around. He will quite happily take the time to help translate the science of solar, batteries and power usage into information that can be easily understood.

putting the power in your hands

Become Energy IndEpendanT

System design

Tailoring a system to your unique energy needs

We try to keep system sizing simple and find the best approach is to use your previous electricity bills, combined with the number bedrooms in your home. If you are considering battery storage, we will factor this into your equation.

At this stage we will offer you a no obligation free quote. If you are a Yarra Valley local you are welcome to visit our training room to help you better understand your system options.

Site visit

Working out the best option to maximise your outcomes

We use Google maps as an initial indicator of your roof space and property features. We follow this with a site visit at which point we will together decide the best use of space for your system configuration.

System installation

Reliable, prompt work, with quality components

Every installation has it’s own requirements. The system may be primarilty located within an outbuilding, garage or house, with power being connected via subboards and submains. Just as every house is unique, every installation requires it’s own unique solution. Importantly, wherever possible, we like to resposnd to your requests with a ‘Yes!’

power connection

Assistance naviagting the paperwork

Navigating the system connect for a new system can be complicated. Our team are happy to assist you through this process. 

system Maintainance

Friendly, easily accessible  follow up service

We are only ever a phone call away. We pride ourselves in always being available to you if

take charge of your power

give your energy company the flick

It’s not just the thought of days without electricity that makes people think about becoming their own energy generators. Another incentive is the variability of energy prices and the steady transfer of costs towards the fixed component of energy bills—so even energy-conscious people are receiving high bills.

Being responsible for your own energy also means that you are more aware of your energy use. Additionally, the sense of being independent for your energy needs and generating energy from renewable sources such as solar panels instead of using grid power from dirty generation sources can be enormously satisfying.

And, of course, for many remote properties the cost of connecting to the grid may be higher than installing even a large independent energy system. In those cases, there’s simply no reason to connect to the grid.




28 solar panels 12Kwh of GenZ lithium batteries Healesville. House located along road that gets frequent power failures in past. Customer had a small generator and change over switch added previously, now it will be automatically powered from batteries in...



Inner City Melbourne Hybrid 3 Phase Selectronic & GenZ Lithium batteries Very nice job in Inner City Melbourne 3 x Selectronic 7.5KW SP Pro Inverter Charger 48KW GenZ lithium LFP batteries 17.5KW Solar Panel Array UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)  if...



Yellingbo Off Grid 120volt 15kw Selectronic off grid inverter / charger Narada 400AH lead carbon batteries autostart generator still to be added approx 27kW solar panels The customer chose not to connect to the grid going past his new property. The house...



Small house, big solar system. With 6kw of Genz batteries added to a small shed...Easily add another GenZ lithium module in this case (of 3kwh) the GenZ battery enclosure can go anywhere. Young couple with a very cute tiny home on wheels. 21 Solar panels...



Brighton Solar & Battery; Self consumption & UPS 5Kw Selectronic battery inverter/charger 6.1kw solar panels. Not much roof space, and they face North, East and West. DC coupled solar panels on large with individual optimisers, AC coupled via Fronius inverter....



Abundant 48 volt solar bank in Graytown Victoria They have lived with present old and tiny power system for 4 years. They are upgrading from 2x 60 watt panels, 2x old batteries and a mess of wires underneath stairs of house. New system is...

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