Abundant 48 volt solar bank in Graytown Victoria

They have lived with present old and tiny power system for 4 years.

They are upgrading from 2x 60 watt panels, 2x old batteries and a mess of wires underneath stairs of house.

New system is 48volts. 600Amp lead/carbon batteries; total capacity of 28.8kwh, usable is 11.5kwh at 40% depth of discharge.

20x 260 watt Renesola panels; total of 5200watts. Selectronic 48/5000 inverter/charger, AC coupled solar charging by ABB solar inverter.

They will use existing 3.5kw diesel generator.

New system is located in garage, along with new main switchboard, and sub mains to house.

I know they are looking forward to using decent electric fridge to replace old gas fridge, and getting an air conditioner for summer.

They are both looking to stop using the generator, which had to be used for just about everything previously.



Inverter and battery bank


Main switch board inverter