28 solar panels 12Kwh of GenZ lithium batteries

Healesville. House located along road that gets frequent power failures in past.

Customer had a small generator and change over switch added previously, now it will be automatically powered from batteries in event of future power failure.

Customer is hoping for zero power bills during summer months from his 28 solar panels with total 8260 watts of PV on roof.

Both north and west facing to cover switchboard loads late into the day.

Also AC and DC coupled solar panels to provide another layer in the robust design of the system.

This means in event of power failure and system shutdown, the system will power up the next morning when the sun comes up again, so not relying on external power like a generator.

Outdoor and waterproof enclosures are used in this instance to mount all equipment close to the switchboard and power mains coming into the property.

All circuits in the power are powered on the backup OR grid failure circuits, except the electric element within hot water service.(connected to solar tubes primarily)

Currently installed 12Kwh of batteries, able to be easily expanded if required.

The batteries will be used daily for self consumption of stored solar power at night.