Andrew and Kim called The Green House Effect, as the quoted cost of connecting the utility grid to their new farm was alarmingly high.

This is a great example of a business case for an off-grid solar system, suppling all the power to meet a families needs, as a financially viable alternative to grid connection


Everything has been installed on the rooftop  and within his new machinery shed, with a sub mains connecting his house 130 metres away.

With the solar panels facing north, installed flat to his 8degree pitch roof, we left room for a further 3 kw of panels if needed in the future.

System Components:

7.5 KW Selectronic Sp-pro Inverter/charger

2x 5 KW ABB solar inverters, AC coupled.

26 KWH usable gel battery

9 KW Suntech solar panels

8 KW Kubota auto start generator.