Bruce enrolled in Solarquip’s off grid battery training course in Healesville to get a better understanding of off grid systems, both design  and living with them.

In this course Bruce designed his own system, and with only minor changes Jerry, from the Green House Effect supplied and installed the system with his help before Xmas 2015.

A excellent feature installed on Bruce’s system is the use of a discretionary load circuit. In Bruce’s case, he charges his electric forklift when the house batteries are above 90% full and the sun is putting power into system. This is fully automatic, and this could also be used to charge an electric or Hybrid car in future. (ie he doesn’t have one yet)

System Components:

10 KW solar panels

5 KW Fronius solar inverter (AC coupled) and 5 KW on Schneider MPPT DC solar regulator.

7.5 KW Selectronic Sp-Pro battery inverter

18 KWH usable Gel batteries.