An Uninterruptable Power Supply or UPS is a reliable and efficient way of keeping your system running in the event of a power cut. It can be compared to a large battery that keeps power flowing to your devices, servers, network or equipment. The UPS protects electronics equipment against power losses, spikes, fluctuations and abnormal shutdowns, which can damage the electronic components or cause data loss.

Safeguarding your 


Electrical protection has a much broader meaning than just blackouts. It also means protecting units from poor quality energy phenomena such as micro-breaks in the power supply or cause overvoltage, voltage and frequency variations harmonics and flicker. An uninterruptible power supply is designed for any electrical equipment that you want to keep working during a blackout. Our system specialists will specifically tailor a backup system capable of supporting all the energy needs of your home or office. Our systems keep your network, medical equipment, lighting, lift systems, refrigeration, PC and other critical electronics up and running even when the power goes out.


Bad atmospheric conditions can compromise the continuity and quality of the power supply. Storms can result in total blackouts, due to the powerful voltage surges caused by lightning strikes


Unforeseeable accidents are one of the most frequent causes of sudden power failure. These include causes such as work on the mains line or the many kinds of incidents which can cause a blackout.


Back-up power calculated in hours not minutes

Unlike most other UPS systems the amount of backup power offered is calculated in hours not minutes. With the expandable 19-inch rack style battery enclosures it is possible to have 24 hours of backup power all year, without a generator. Furthermore, our UPS systems offer robust engineering with quality Australian made components that carry 10-year warranties and have proven service records

Our systems are tailored to meet your needs.

We will help you calculate the power level and the battery capacity required to suit your specific needs. If your UPS requirements expand in the future additional battery modules can be easily added.

Sleek, effective storage systems

The small form factor of the battery will fit into a 19inch upright data cabinet. These cabinets come in multiple sizes, designed to suit storage from between 6 to 20 batteries per cabinet. Additionally, slim form factor metal cabinets, that hold 3 batteries each, are also available. Current nominal battery capacity per unit is 3.3kWh or 4 kWh per battery. These batteries offer 100% performance in conditions that are up to 55 degrees centigrade. This has been proven in the past when installed in Railway UPS system in the heat of Western Australia outback.

Batteries can provide up to 3kw of power.

Each battery can provide a maximum of up to 3kw of power. Therefore, if you required 11kw of maximum demand you would need to install 4 batteries (i.e. 12kw max power). Then it is just a matter of estimating how long you want the expanded loads to be covered that will determine the ideal number of batteries required above the minimum.

We offer ‘no break’ technology.

In the event of power failure, the load on the UPS system will be instantly covered. There is no break change over discernable, as this occurs in 0.15 of a second. The invertor holds the grid and the battery power in parallel constantly, so the change over happens in the blink of an eye; no manual switching; no power break for seconds or minutes and no waiting for the generator to come up to speed.

10-year system warranties offer peace-of-mind

As a Selectronic certifed installer, we are proud to be able to offer you peace-of-mind, by offeirng  extensive warranties on your UPS system. This includes a  superior 10-year warranty on your inverter with an additional 10-years of warranty on each of your lithium batteries.

Our systems are easily scalable

Each battery has it’s own built in battery management. This allows you to add extra batteries modules at any time. If you have a UPS system designed to cover your home essential loads at the beginning of the year, you have the option to extend the UPS to the whole house or commercial site at a later date. You may also choose to add extra batteries to extended the UPS run time in the future. Furthermore, lithium batteries production has a worldwide expectation to become cheaper in the future, as production and use increases.

Generator or auto-change over switch can be easily added

The addtion of a generator or auto-change over switch would allow your system to cover UPS loads of up to days or  even weeks. Please be aware that not all generators are created equal. For such an important use, we will only specify superior quality, such as Cat Power (Caterpillar) or Staunch generators that have proven capability.

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